The Bachelor of Science Hospitality Studies is a three-year hotel management degree course for students who want to develop their careers in the hospitality industry. The degree program provides academic knowledge, training in the hospitality industry and ensures that you acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to gain experience in the field.

It provides the most advanced, quality, and standardized training to ensure that the well-trained and self-motivated professional workforce excels, goes beyond prescribed courses, and meets the growing needs of the hospitality industry through interactive learning with active participation from the industry.

Join the trend and prepare for a culture-based university that offers the best value of a bachelor’s degree. Acquiring a hospitality course in Mumbai can be a life changing experience for you owing to the expansive hotel web in the region. Additionally, the best hospitality management courses are offered in Mumbai region specified by the Bunts Sangha’s Ramanath Payyade College of Hospitality Management Studies.

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Bappa Morya Event 2023

Celebrating Culinary Excellence

Relive the Empowering Seminar on Image Projection & Image Building

US Cranberries Event 2023-24

Exclusive Confectionery Workshop

Marathi Bhasha Din


A Career of Endless Opportunities




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What Our Students Say?

Harshita Tatuskar

F.Y.Bsc (HS)

"Being a part of RPH is a huge privilege in its self. The best part of the College is that it encourage students to be actively participate in academic as well as in extra curricular activities. The College also provide addition help in counselling each students on requirements."

Shravani Vagal

F.Y.Bsc (HS)

Every celebration which takes place here is reminiscing experience it's a privilege to be part of this organisation and the entire team of RPH is quite experienced and helpful.

Kartik Shetty

F.Y.BSc (HS)

"RPH is an integral part of my life and will remain so throughout the lifetime. Every day spent here is new learning and experience. I am grateful to be part of this college and looking forward for more learning personally and professionally."


Hostel Facilities

Hostel facility is available for Boys and Girls which is adjacent to College Campus with basic amenities on first come first serve basis.

Student Loan

College facilitates the progression of your educational journey by providing the necessary documentation to support your loan application. This includes official letters of enrollment and fee structure details to ensure a smooth financial aid process.

Career Services

We are committed to sculpting industry-ready professionals, with a curriculum that encompasses not only academic knowledge but also holistic development. Through daily activities such as personality enhancement, resume crafting, and simulated interviews, we ensure our graduates are poised for success in their chosen careers.



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