A 3 year full-time Degree program specifically aimed at students who aspire to be chefs and embrace careers in Kitchen Management & Research Entrepreneurship. The objective of this course is to prepare students to exploit newly created opportunities in the Culinary Profession both, at the domestic & international level. To create an additional avenue of self-employment. To promote Indian cuisine globally to international students. To gain leadership skills and imbibe a customer focused orientation through an understanding of the role of a team leader / supervisor.

The degree program provides academic knowledge, training in the hospitality industry and ensures that you acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to gain experience in the field.

It provides the most advanced, quality, and standardized training to ensure that the well-trained and self-motivated professional workforce excels, goes beyond prescribed courses, and meets the growing needs of the hospitality industry through interactive learning with active participation from the industry.

Join the trend and prepare for a culture-based university that offers the best value of a bachelor’s degree. Acquiring a culinary course in Mumbai can be a life changing experience for you owing to the expansive hotel web in the region. Additionally, the best culinary courses are offered in Mumbai region specified by the Bunts Sangha’s Ramanath Payyade College of Hospitality Management Studies.

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